Course Content

    1. Quick Course Tour

    2. Program Overview

    1. Soil Sampling & pH

    2. Interpreting Your Sample Results

    3. Smart Watering Guide

    1. Natural Yard Care Overview

    2. El Cuidado Natural del Jardin

    3. Natural Yard Care Videos

    1. Mulch - AND Why It's Important

    2. Backyard Mulching Info Sheet

    3. Sheet Mulching Basics

    4. Chip Drop: FREE Arborist Mulch Sign-Up

    5. Rainwater Harvesting

    1. What is an EcoLawn? And Why Should I Consider One?

    2. Native Plants: Where to Find & Which Ones?

    3. Creating Your Native Plant Landscape Plan

    4. PNW Native Plant ID Cards

    5. How to Plant it Right

    6. Sheet Mulching Basics

    7. Backyard Mulching Info Sheet

    8. Why Mulch Matters

    1. Lawncare Action Plan

    2. Fertilizing

    3. Lime & Fertilizer Calculations

    4. Spreader Setting Chart

    5. Spreader Setting Conversion Chart Instructions

    6. Aerification

    7. Calculating Your Mower Blade Height

    8. Lawncare Activities Log Sheet

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Kelsey Mae Crane

Stormwater Outreach Specialist

Kelsey is a Resiliency Planner and Outreach Specialist. She has been focusing on stormwater management and outreach at Thurston County since 2017, where she is dedicated to seeking cutting-edge solutions and is driven towards applying interdisciplinary perspective and strategic action to address local problems. She holds a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and is certified in Permaculture design. A lifelong learner and adventure seeker, Kelsey is always looking for the best food and the highest viewpoint.